The concept to establish Zooksy brand was very simple from its very beginning- we create colourful socks that everybody wants to wear. And you want to wear them not only because they are of excellent quality, carefully made and their design is great. First of all, the idea of the socks is the key.


Our own new trend

Someone once said that Zooksy are not for everybody. To wear our socks, you have to have a healthy attitude towards the surrounding reality. That is why we have a story dedicated to each collection, each design, even every product. You can easily identify with the story, it makes you smile and bring on nice associations. We “play” with the names, we create our individual style. Instread of watching our competitors, we keep thinking about making something totally new, something that has not been made yet, not in Poland only, but abroad as well.


Crossing the borders!

Zooksy means „sock projects” known worldwild. Sushi-socks box, Pizza-socks box, The Organs, and many other brands based their collection on our knowledge, skills and technology. That is not all! We also work out and prepare conceptions of packages and we work  with young, talented designers, who just “fell” the product. All our products, leaving our manufacture, are creative and stylish!

We are ahead of everybody else

As the very first in Poland we started non- slipping socks production. We built the production line with probably the latest technology in this part of Europe. Skoksy, the non-slipping socks, are made entirely from certified fabrics (Oeko Tex Standard 100), the non-slipping layer is made from 2-component silicone polymer paint. It is harmless for healt (Global Organics Textile Standard). Skoksy are recommended by several coaches of Polish and foreign trampoline park – and that surely is a proof that they are simply the best.