Color and color vision as a key to inter-species empathy – this workshop will let you play and think about colors from a different perspective.

As many of you, we are very concerned about the current situation of our natural environment. We can surely say that its poor condition reflects the lack of peoples’ understanding of nature. Long time ago, we, people, put ourselves in the primary place among other species living on our planet. This anthropocentric approach has led us to forget that every living creature is equally valuable and deserves appropriate place and conditions to live on the Earth.
We decided to use the color vision to show you how mistaken we are.

So let’s go to Get the Color Vision!

trainer: Kamila Lewandowska, Anna Grabowska

Workshop in English

9-18 September, 2020

Lodzkie House

Square Marie Louise 2, 1000 Brussels

RSVP ph. 02 230 96 18 or mail

(The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz)