VERO juices are the result of work and involvement of the whole family. The fruits from which we press the juices come mainly from our plantation. They are carefully selected by us so that we choose only those that guarantee the juice of the highest quality. Many years of experience in the cultivation of fruit plants and the location of the farm in the buffer zone of Landscape Park, make the fruits have a unique taste and aroma, they are
a rich source of vitamins and nutrients.

„Vero” juice owes its values ​​to nature, which – as you know – does not need to be improved, but it should be taken care of. We care for the land from which trees and bushes grow in our orchard, and we cultivate plants only with natural methods. We select fruits by choosing the ones that have worked best in nature. We press the juice in simple ways so that it does not lose its most valuable values.

„Vero” juices are not only taste,freshness and naturalness, „Vero” means something more to us. Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, thanks to which you can „climb to the top” of your abilities, and by the way „drink the top” of the excellent juice.

VERO juices – Really natural!

These are five essential lines of juices and syrups that are cold-pressed in a warm family atmosphere.

BIO – certified ecological portion of vitamins in a bottle,

BLACK – a wealth of antioxidants, or dry juices from dark fruits,

RETRO – traditional, aromatic syrups, not only for tea,

RED – a vitamin bomb, which is the best in red vegetables,

JOY – joyful refreshment, the best apple juice in company of other fruits, such as our raspberries.

All of our products are gently pasteurized, thanks to which we retain the majority of their valuable nutritional properties and vitamins.