The idea of the solution was based on research on the structure and properties of fancy and hybrid yarns. An analogy was found between the structure and electro-conductive properties of a bunch fancy yarn and the electrical system composed of solenoids wrapped on a ferromagnetic core. The construction of a hybrid yarn involves a twisted structure of two component yarns:

  • ferromagnetic core yarn
  • electro-conductive yarn


The technology involves sewing an electromagnetic induction yarn into one part of garment, which, when connected by wires to a voltage converter, supplies the electronic device with power. In another part of garment that remains in close contact with the first one a permanent magnet is placed. As the two components (i.e. the magnet and the yarn) move in a pendulum motion in relation to each other while the user goes about his/her daily activities, electric current is induced and converted to meet power supply specifications of the connected mobile electronic device.


The textile charger for supplying mobile electronic devices is an inseparable part of the fabric or knitwear from which clothes are made. It continuously generates power supply to a mobile electronic device, such as a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or other multimedia. The invention replaces heavy, large batteries and power banks often containing toxic substances. It is impact and weather resistant.

The basic goal of the technology is to provide users with constant access to power in order to maintain the operation of mobile devices. Consequently, this device will eliminate the nuisance of having to charge your phone or tablet frequently.

The product is environment-friendly.


  • Mobile phones
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Photo cameras
  • Cameras
  • Bluetooth sets
  • Activity monitors
  • Industrial terminals
  • Wireless barcode readers
  • Industrial tablets
  • Electric heating clothing
  • Protection against electromagnetic field
  • Sensors and detectors

Contact to the commercialization manager:

Dr Monika Malinowska –Olszowy, prof. PŁ

Lodz University of Technology

Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design


Tel. +48 739-297-171