Outside our region and country. For those who wanted to experience all the senses of the Region Lodzkie in june Lodzkie House prepared an exhibition for the residents of Brussels.

It is worth recalling that the theme of Milan Expo is „Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” – addressing the problem of food inequalities in the world: extreme malnutrition on the one hand, obesity and food waste on the other. The event aims to convince people to develop sustainable lifestyles, use technological solutions and regional resources, and create a balance between the use and consumption of resources. In addition, each exhibitor has the opportunity to present the gastronomic traditions and products from the agri-food sector.

The main part of the exhibition in Brussels lasted from 8 May to 30 June 2015. At that time, recycling, upcycling and design were the main themes in the Lodzkie House in Brussels. In cooperation with the Design Fields Association, 15 photographs summarising the competitions in design and fashion categories, organised as part of the first edition of the EcoMade Festival, appeared at the headquarters of the Office. The festival is a project inviting people to talk, exchange thoughts and experiences, and at the same time a form of information and promotion campaign building positive habits of pro-ecological approach to the world. Thanks to the exhibition, the guests of the Lodzkie House admired, among others, Aleksandra Bąkowska’s collection sewn from materials obtained from PET bottles (1st place in the competition, fashion category), a collection of jewellery made of compressed waste paper (2nd place in the competition, fashion category), a lamp by Natalia Oleksiak made of cardboard (1st place, design category).

In order to reflect as fully as possible the climate of what was happening in Italy, we implemented the second stage of the information campaign. We presented a multimedia photo report from the Lodzkie Pavilion, promoted regional products of Lodzkie entrepreneurs from the expo, including delicious strawberries from Buczek Commune and eco designs of Lodz designers. On the Square Marie-Louise square at the Office’s headquarters in a glass exhibition box (author: Agnieszka Gansiniec, d44) a cardboard lamp (Natalia Oleksiak) illuminated a cardboard chair Trion (Aleksandra Guz) and a carpet and a pouffe full of small blue flowers (Dominika Zientek). The presentation was complemented by garlic heads (Joanna Podkowa) and another cardboard chair (Aleksandra Guz) displayed in the Bureau’s conference room.

The exhibition was organised as part of the EU project „Lodzkie Nabieras Prędości II”. We would like to thank all co-organizers and partners, including the Departments of the Marshal’s Office of the Łódź Province for their support and assistance in the realization of the strawberry exhibition in Brussels.




Photo by Lukasz Kobus
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