Space and plane as a visual message inspired by the Art Nouveau style

Design is constantly changing and is able to react quickly to changes in civilization. It is an area of creative activity whose significance will grow in the face of increasingly incomprehensible technology. Industrial design as an academic discipline is also subject to evolution and, drawing on its cultural heritage, constantly filters and introduces new content into curricula.

The concept of universal design was a pretext for conducting design considerations with a group of students about the correlation between space and plane. The aim was to formulate a visual message with a clear reference to the richness of Art Nouveau style. The presented works are an attempt to respond to the problem of arranging space in various usable contexts in order to foster a sense of comfort.

Teamwork – Blanka Przedpełska, Iga Sowa, Ola Rysak, Angelika Węgier, Weronika Wojnarowicz, Zuzanna Wysokińska, Karolina Gralewska, Paulina Balczyńska, Zofia Bednarz, Zofia Kotowska


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(The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz)