Soligrano is the largest and most modern factory in Poland of organic and gluten free PUFFED grains/ cereals.

One of the main application of our Puffed grains are: breakfast cereals, crunchy additives for Musli Mixes and Granola, they are light and make volume in the final product.

Puffed grains are: natural, without any additives, artificial colouring, with high level of fibre and minerals coming from grains.

With the help of innovative technology, we are able to produce our products in accordance to the highest standards, and with the environment in mind.

Our cereals come from certified crops, and are produced in a strict control, allergen-free line, with guaranteed purity at every stage of production. We pride ourselves on keeping grains whole complete with their natural riches. Through our work, we support those with active lifestyles, athletes, and local communities.



Musli Bio

A great day starts with breakfast, with an energetic portion of joy and sun extracted from the golden grain of BIO elderberry Muesli – black currant, which tastes great with milk or yogurt. This product is a rich source of dietary fiber and phosphorus, has a low fat content. We carefully select the highest quality ingredients, compose them so that the taste is rich, unusual and natural, therefore it does not contain glucose-fructose syrup, GMOs or preservatives. The power of our grains comes from their natural richness.

Hungry Birds

Do you want your child to eat a valuable meal in the morning? Wheat puffins with honey are a light and delicious breakfast option for children. It’s an alternative to traditional cereal. The basic ingredient is puffed grain, which, combined with honey coating, will be a sweet and healthy start every day. The product was created from the highest quality ingredients, it does not contain preservatives, artificial additives or glucose-fructose syrup. The line’s hero, Puffin, is a charming representative of our kids’ meals – a charming representative of the medium water bird species of the alc family.\


Millet pancakes with apple and cinnamon is a natural mixture made from the highest quality ingredients for preparing pancakes by yourself. A carefully selected composition guarantees a unique, home-made taste. The easy way of preparation allows everyone to prepare a tasty and filling dish. Millet pancakes with apple and cinnamon tempt with their aromas and charm with their taste, filling with millet and natural dried apples. They are a source of fiber, have a low fat content. Gluten-free product, without the addition of aromas, dyes and preservatives, easy to prepare, just add milk.

Puffed Spelt with honey and cranberries

Spelt contains large amounts of easily digestible protein, as well as dietary fiber, phosphorus and magnesium. In addition, we have poured this crunchy grain with golden honey that gives it sweetness. We are convinced that by opening each package of Soligrano spelled with cranberry, unusual crunchiness and fullness of flavor of expanded grain and sweet fruit await you. The product does not contain glucose syrup.

Millet with honey and blackcurrant juice concentrate

Soligrano BIO millet with honey and black currant juice concentrate with BIO currants were created using modern technology, where thanks to the fact that we subject it to only a little steam and temperature, they retain minerals. The quality of the grains used is very important to us, which is why we only use certified organic farming. Thanks to that, millet with honey does not contain GMOs, pesticides or artificial colors. The Soligrano BIO line, which includes our millet delicacies, we have created for everyone who shares our passion for a healthy lifestyle and is looking for an alternative to traditional muesli.