The Eagle Two car is not only designed to consume as little energy as possible, but also many modern technologies have been implemented. What’s more, we took care of a stylish interior. The modern design of the dashboard, combined with the on-board computer that provides all the necessary data looks amazing. We also designed the on-board computer so that it can be disassembled and used to play movies from any internet platform for bored children in the back seats of the car during long journeys.

The latest model created by Lodz Solar Team is Eagle Two. In opposite to Eagle One, the second edition of the Lodz team’s car is a family city car. The car is five-seater, and also has a large trunk that can accommodate the luggage of five person family going on vacation. It is powered by two electric motors located in the rear wheels. It has 5 m2 of solar panels and a battery with a capacity equal to the Tesla one – 60 kWh. Eagle Two can travel up to 1500 km on a single charge – which is a much better result than the electric and hybrid car models currently available on the market. During designing, we also took care of soundproofing and thermal comfort in the car. For this purpose, we used bird feather mats created by the Institute of Biopolymers. It is both a very effective solution and fully ecological.

Lodz Solar Team is the first team in Central and Eastern Europe that creates solar cars. Our history begins in 2014 – in those year begans the work on the first Polish electric car powered by solar energy – Eagle One. Since then, the Polish line of solar cars has been developed. Designed for the purpose of development and, ultimately, introduction to the market completely emission-free car.
So far, Lodz Solar Team has created 2 prototype models – Eagle One and Eagle Two. From the very beginning, the goal of the Lodz Solar Team is to create an emission-free car of the future – an ecological alternative to current fossil fuel-powered cars.

The Lodz Solar Team has repeatedly represented Poland at the world solar car championships around the world – Belgium, South Africa and Australia. Our greatest achievement is the victory at the Ilumen European Solar Challenge in Belgium.

Work has now begun on the next model – Eagle Three. The most important points during  designing this car are:
• Low energy consumption
• Modern design
• Comfortable and stylish interior

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