It is a cyclical, national event. For years, the concerts of folk bands and soloists have been very popular among the Lodz audience. At the same time, FORECASTLE is one of the most famous national folk events, whose artistic level is still very high; it is also one of the few in Poland to promote sailing traditions and folk music. The event is hosted by the Lodz band Cztery Refy, with which we have been organizing forecastle concerts for years. The most eminent soloists and the best national bands performing shanties, forecastle songs and sailing ballads are invited to participate. In the past years, they included, among others: Cztery Refy, Flash Creep, Koga, Ryczące Dwudziestki, Stare Dzwony, Bukanierzy, Banana Boat, North Cape, North Wind, Perły i Łotry, Segarsi, Jerzy Porębski, Andrzej Korycki, Marek Siurawski, Dominika Żukowska,, and from foreign performers Ian Woods / England/, John Collins / USA/, Ken Stevens / England/. “FORECASTLE in Lodz aims to popularize sailing songs in their various forms. It is also educational in nature, and listeners learn about the history of sailing, whose stormy history is sung in the lyrics of many shanties. The festival provides a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, integrate generations and create new artistic ties. For years, FORECASTLE ” has been combining entertainment and culture with education, sport and tourism, being an event for both younger and older audiences, also promoting spending time under sail in the open air, allowing for a „musical journey around the world”. Among the audience, you can meet whole families fascinated by sailing singing and maritime culture. The numerous listeners also have a unique opportunity to choose and reward the most interesting debuting band, as the programme of the event provides for a debut competition.