Dywilan is a group of specialist offering services focused on rugs: designing, manufacturing and distributing. We are linked with Łódź, its industrial tradition and participate in creating a positive image of the friendly city for innovative companies. We appreciate values such as common goals, innovation and modern approach to tradition. The idea of social responsibility is as an important part of our activities.(

Design thinking is eco thinking

We are aware that our business is associated with the impact on the environment. We manage natural resources consciously by using e.g. renewable energy sources. We see the source of competitive advantage in responsible approach to the environment by consistently striving to minimize the negative impact and looking for environmentally friendly product innovations.

We cooperate with local entrepreneurs and universities contributing to the development of economic potential and capital of human resources of the region.


Designed in wool since 1884

We want to meet all needs of people who appreciate quality nad prefer longlasting products, who choose the natural solution. We design in wool which is the most noble rug’s material. It gives way only to silk rugs.


Own design studio is our strong point.

Emphasizing the role of the designer as a unique value for the customer we always create new rugs in own design studio. Eco design process cannot be understand as just drawing a pattern.

Nowadays it is broader concept. At the beginning the design proces concerning how meet the hidden needs of customers. Following the design thinking concept we do wide customer experience research. We know that our product isn’t just a equipment.

A wool rug is a medium of silence, comfort and luxury. It is a space for family reunion, a place of living with loved ones. For the customer the value in use carried by wool is at the very end of the purchasing process, which does not at all diminish its importance.

Because it cannot be that the carpet is a problem: easy maintenance, use, disposal is the huge value for the consumer. Buying wool people invests long-term.


Simply the best

Wool grows in a thick coat on a sheep. It is natural, sustainable and biodegradable. Wool is a renewable fiber, meaning that it is able to regrow and replace itself. In contrast, synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon are made using industrial processing of oil, which is a non-renewable fossil resource.

Each year this wool coat is carefully trimmed off and turned into our rugs. It became a circular proces, because the wool is growing again.

Wool is a protein composed of amino acids, similar to skin and hair. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. When you bury a wool product in soil, it will naturally biodegrade.

Vice-versa fuel-based fibers such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, and spandex. They do not biodegrade. Never. They get irreversibly pollute the environment.

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