We are a small family company located in the centre of the country specializing in the production of chairs and tables. Our newly designed product is a unique set of tables which can be put together in various ways. This comes handy in small spaces but also fits spacious rooms. The size of table tops is 50 cm x 65 cm (the part with tabs) and height of the table approx. 72cm. Materials: plywood for tops (thickness 18 mm), steel square profile for legs: (15 x 15 x 1,5) mm with pulverulent varnishing.

In view of further expansion we are looking for individual customers but also new trade partners in Belgium who can show a proven track record of working with the interior designers and are seeking to increase their portfolio. We offer full marketing support, with the desire for a long term business commitment to provide them with products. Cooperation based on the commercial agency or distribution services agreement is also considered.

Industrial design of tables is protected.

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