Thanks to the resources obtained from the European Union Funds, the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź has just completed the 2-year construction project of a modern Open Storage at Więckowskiego 36. The unique character of the new space in an uncompromising way combines strict rules for securing collections and requirements for storing works of art with interesting and convenient methods for sharing museum collections. The construction of the Open Storage will allow the educators to show the museum „from behind the curtain”. The plan is to offer workshops on such important subjects for the museum as collection, transport and storage of artworks, arranging exhibition spaces, and preservation of works of art.


The project titled Open Storage for Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź – Building J focuses on the reconstruction and extension of the “J” building situated in the main location of the Muzeum Sztuki. Construction works were launched in March 2017. The project consists in tearing down the existing building – which is in extremely poor technical shape and can be used only to a limited extent – to the line of window sills and adding on a new structure atop of what is left to finally cover 80%of the available unused plot adjacent the building, retrofitting it with complete technical infrastructure including safety and security systems, an alarm system and the purchase of necessary warehouse and workshop equipment. As a result of the project the museum will receive a two-storey building with larger usable and storage space that will host an open storage of artworks.


The main goal of the project is to adapt old facilities to become the Open Storage used by the  Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. This effort has been undertaken to accomplish the overarching objective of ensuring proper protection of cultural heritage and develop the cultural resources in the country. Directly, the project aims to contribute to the protection, preservation, and dissemination of cultural heritage and to cultural education by adapting (construction, reconstruction) of building “J” of the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź.


Economic and social effects of the project:

– increase in the number of visitors including the number of tourists to the Museum

– preservation of cultural and historical heritage of the region, raising awareness and building local bonds

– elimination of barriers for the disabled

– dissemination of knowledge about the EU through promotional and information activities within the project

– innovative educational programmes targeting various age and social groups not only in Łódź but from all over the region and from other parts of the country: practical implementation of the idea of an open and participatory museum

– reduction of CO2 emission and the reduction of the overall maintenance cost of facilities

– boosting local community interest in art and culture

– professional space in regenerated historical premises created to facilitate cooperation between artists and researchers.