„Sieradz music folklore” 2

A part of the project, an anthology will be published, containing both transcriptions of songs and instrumental melodies, performed in the second half of the 20th century by excellent singers and folk musicians of the Sieradz region. Sieradz’s musical folklore has not yet been developed or published as a separate collection. The anthology will make it possible to preserve and popularise the little-known Sieradz’s repertoire. This project will be a valuable material for comparative research into Polish folk music (both nationwide and compared to other central Polish regions).


„Łowicz music folklore. An anthology of songs and instrumental music”  

Released by the Lodz House of Culture, this publication is a fundamental monograph on the folklore of the Łowicz region, whose significance can be compared to the work of Oskar Kolberg. The book includes the most valuable part of Marian Moskwa’s legacy, and its most important part are transcriptions of melodies and songs, recorded since 1946. The most important ones are those with love themes and wedding songs and chants. The transcriptions have been enriched with previously unpublished photographs from the collections of families of instrumentalists and singers, owing to which the book compiles a unique visual material.