Doctor of musical arts, guitarist, composer, innovator, seeking new sounds and musical challenges. Head of the Jazz Department of the Academy of Music Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz in Łódź. A graduate of jazz guitar and composition at The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Denmark. Laureate of numerous competitions and the leader of recognized music formations. An active musician and experienced pedagogue and cultural animator. Invited to various music projects from jazz through folk to contemporary and experimental music. He has performed with musicians such as: Steven Bernstein, Piotr Wojtasik, Leszek Możdżer, Adam Bałdych, Michał Urbaniak, Piotr Baron, Maciej Obara and many others.



In the quartet, apart from the leader, there is an icon of European jazz – clarinetist Rudi Mahall. The section is played by excellent Danish musicians Andreas Lang-kontrabas, Kasper Tom Christiansen – drums.

ADHD performs an original repertoire from the borderline of European jazz and improvised music, full of surprising melodies and dynamic rhythms as well as ironic references to Grounge classics like Nirvana!

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Hunger Pangs

The project that is a space where experiment and unlimited imagination meet in a free and unfettered way. The project is based on a long-standing friendship of three experienced artists, each of whom is an individual in his or her own right, and Hunger Pangs is a meeting place. Surprising compositions and collective improvisations, dwarfed melodic structures and uncompromising syncretism – sonorism and electronics. This is what the Hunger Pangs „II” is all about. which is the music promoting the second album of the trio

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Marek Kądziela LDZ Jazz Ensemble

The LDZ Jazz Ensemble is a jazz quintet led by guitarist/composer Marek Kądziela, consisting of Maciej Kądziela on the saxophone, Jacek Namysłowski on the trombone, Paweł Puszczało on the double bass and Radek Bolewski on the drums. They are all excellent representatives of the new generation of Polish jazz. The band’s music is a typical contemporary European „modern jazz”, based on excellent compositions, performed with elegance and passion. The band is based in Łódź.