Morawski Ornaments is a family owned manufacturer of glass ornaments located in the heart of Poland, in Lodz.

From the very beginning of our business, in the early 90’s, up to the present day we have been        a leader in the free-blown glass ornaments market and we set new trends in this field. Our mouth-blown and hand-painted products offered for sale are well known for their high quality as well as for their unique and sophisticated shapes.


Marek Morawski, founder and the head designer at the company, is supported in his work by his wife, three children and team of twenty-five experienced artists – glass ornaments blowers and painters. This is a family company, not only because it is run by the Morawski family, but also because of the atmosphere in here.


All the ornaments, starting with design through the whole production process are made only at our factory in Poland. We don’t work with any outside company and we don’t have any branches in Ukraine, Romania or China.


We always do all we can to offer our customers new fascinating and unusual items. And unlike some other manufacturers, our pieces are lightweight, which makes them hang easily on your Christmas Tree.