The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź has been an organizer of ECO MAKE Festival for 6 years. We are a state university with over 75-year tradition. The Academy has avant-garde roots and a broad educational programme in the area of design, interior design, visual communication, fashion and the whole sphere of artistic education.

We would like to invite you to participate in the International Conference accompanying the ECO MAKE Festival 2020 whose main idea is 'Future Man 2052′.

The scientific conference will be organized on 30th of November 2020. We attach the planned themes to be addressed during the panels. The attention of designers and artists will be focused on the issue of the environmentally friendly creative process. The aim of the conference is to exchange views and scientific research in the field of responsible design, business and technology, sozology and environmental protection.

The events held within the framework of ECO MAKE 2020 will include workshops, exhibitions (among others, the ‘Young Polish Designers’ exhibition presented during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in autumn 2019) and three conference panels.

Detailed information about ECO MAKE 2020 including its full schedule will be available at and in mid-september 2020.

The scientific conference ECO MAKE 2020


30 NOVEMBER 2020

Place: Auditorium of the Fashion Promotion Center of the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź (121 Wojska Polskiego Str.).

Panel 1: GOOD LIFE – New Optimal Comfort Zone

The optimal comfort zone which designers should consider and create is currently undergoing significant transformations. These transformations result from both existing restrictions and challenges faced by humanity which are related to environmental degradation. The definition of luxury and the perception of a comfort zone are changing.  This becomes the basis for discussion on the new formula of ‘good life’. A new definition of luxury – access to natural resources such as water, clean air, moderate temperatures; – staying connected with loved ones, security resulting from having a family, a sense of community and sharing.

A comfort zone is a psychological space of security which consists of our habits and beliefs. Getting out of a comfort zone means experiencing something new. According to some, all types of creativity and innovativeness, so desirable in this day and age, lie beyond its borders. However, when we cross the border we begin to feel afraid. It is good to know that this fear is an inherent part of any change and it appears every time we are afraid to fail and do not know what awaits us ‘on the other side’. Wise fear management allows us to tame fear and paradoxically, to do something innovative.

Panel participants will include designers, practitioners representing different generations and authors of best submitted papers in the above described area.


Panel 2: Life After Life

A multidimensional issue related to the passing of people and its consequences. Some of these consequences are connected with products which accompany people during their lives and leave behind a carbon footprint. Some of them are connected with people’s passing away. What trace do we leave behind throughout our lives and even afterwards? What is the meaning of ecology in the context of dying and to what extent should this issue be a challenge for designers? The number of grave lights, artificial flowers, coffins, large spaces occupied by cemeteries, the lavishness of modern-day gravestones. Will the current ecological crisis force changes in the field of burial? How will future generations pass away? What will the cemeteries of the future look like? What emotions will accompany people in 30 years’ time when their loved ones pass away? Does our culture allow us to draw inspiration from the way burials looked like in the past? Will technology support us in the area of passing?


Panel 3: Small Business Has a Voice

Large enterprises and transnational corporations operate on the basis of long-term strategies and their decision-making processes are often spread over long periods of time. Today’s dynamics of environmental changes requires quick action, adaptation to circumstances and flexible decisions supporting wise management of resources needed by future generations. Many future leaders have not even been born yet, but those who will create the best possible conditions for work and life for them are currently entering the market. The panel will be devoted to the initiatives of young and ambitious companies which achieve their economic goals while acting with respect for the environment and educating future generations in this field.

Organizers: The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz download About Academy