Exhibitions, games and guides creating a colourful story about ecology, family, nature and the city. All this, well-designed and well thought-out. Excellent design and high quality is the hallmark of the Mama Projekt Lodz collective.

Mamy Projekt is a group that creates events and educational products for whole families. The team was founded by Joanna Studzińska and Małgorzata Żmijska, who themselves, as mums, started to look for attractive and wise proposals for their children. Knowing best what they need for themselves, they uncompromisingly focus on promoting civic attitudes and cultural education with aesthetic approach in all projects. Mums of the Project also care about the environment and want to make sure that as many families as possible can discover simple ways to take care of their health, development, well-being and the Earth. At the same time it is shown the most favourite ways to spend time together.

It is the Mama Projekt collective that has become famous as a guide known all over Poland – NIEMAPA Thanks to beautiful illustrations, encourages to take walks together and explore the world. It started with a city series. The cards of the colourful guide, designed by Maciek Blaźniak, were published by several of the biggest Polish cities. The series helps even the youngest to discover the secrets of the cities and learn about unique local stories. Now there is a new series – Nature, which guides whole families through forests and mountains, presenting the most beautiful sites of the country and curiosities about the Bieszczady Mountains, wisents,  forests of Lower Silesia. Drawings for this edition of NIEMAPA are created by Patricija Bliuj-Stodulska.

Przytul Polskę – Hug Poland

The collective is also working on projects devoted to ecology. It designs innovative exhibitions and realizes them comprehensively: from preparing a plan, through acquiring partners, production and assembly, to building an audience and promotional activities. Mamy Projekt is a project that takes care of the highest aesthetic, functional and content-related quality. Each project is prepared in multidisciplinary teams of various competencies in order to make ecological education effective.

Effective education, instead of serving ready-made solutions makes you think and draw independent conclusions – Joanna Studzińska and Małgorzata Żmijska emphasize. Each exhibition leaves a lot of space for visitors’ creativity. The content is created so that everyone can move around freely and learn as much as possible. The fun is combined with learning and spending time actively. Telling about difficult content becomes as easy as possible. The collective uses examples from everyday life to make the audience aware that difficult topics concern everyone in an imaginative way. The exhibitions show that the quality of life of the next generations depends on us, we just need to change our daily habits. So far the collective has created exhibitions: Przeciek, Przytul Polskę and the exhibitions NIEMAPY


Each project prepared by the collective is a story to tell about The great changes, which begin at home. Mama Projekt’s mission is to network and to combine the goals of public and private initiatives with the needs of families. Thanks to this, together with partners and families, the collective creates initiatives in a way that enables communication within the created network.

Design plays a special role in the collective’s activity. The aim is to create such arrangements which will not only be visually attractive, but will also complement the substantive content. The materials and colours strengthen the communication of the exhibition’s topic, and at the same time are simple means to create interactive and engaging exhibition spaces.

More information about the collective can be found at http://mamyprojekt.pl/.