Marcin Mytych, engineer and visionary, more than 20 years of experience in the chocolate and sweets industry.
He decided to create his own brand M².



M² is a sign composed of the initials of the founder of stylized
cocoa beans.
M² is a promise of pleasure, of tasting delicacies raised to a square.

M² is a unique chocolate on a European scale. The innovative recipe combines excellent taste, high quality and lightness of the product.

M² is the answer to the needs of people caring for the figure and vegetarians looking for FIT products.

M² is a series of sweets friendly to diabetics and coeliac patients to enjoy great pralines enveloped in excellent Belgian chocolate.

FRENCHIC is a unique recipe, original taste, natural ingredients.

FRENCHIC is a promise of extravagant pleasure that will take us directly to the bustling Parisian boulevard. We can imagine that we are in a Café on the Seine… If we are accompanied by a cup of aromatic coffee 🙂

FRENCHIC is the ideal choice for children it does not cause caries.

Not without significance is also the quality of chocolate, which is coated with pralines. The Belgian MALCHOC is used here, which was composed using cocoa seeds from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria or Congo. These plants are UTZ certified to guarantee high quality of the product.

We finally have something new! The patterned wrap of pralines, when we take them out of the packaging, rustles like the dresses of the ladies on the packaging, as if they invite the fifth sense to play. We are captivated by their wonderfully sweet taste. After all, it cannot be otherwise with pralines. But no sugar is used in their production. Maltitol – a natural substance derived from cereals – is responsible for their sweetness.