Cantio Lodziensis is a national competition event addressed to various amateur choirs. The organizers are: Lodz House of Culture, Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras Lodz Branch. Its main objective is to popularize choral music as a form of performance, as well as to disseminate rich and valuable choral literature in Poland and abroad. The festival also promotes the artistic achievements of the Lodz composing community. Cantio Lodziensis is a „Lodz product”, which has been enriching the cultural offer of Lodz and the Lodz region for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on the fact that the Festival is currently one of the most prestigious national choral events in our country, and every year several dozen choirs compete for participation in it. The guests of the festival are also foreign choirs, which make this musical event even more attractive.

Throughout the years of Cantio Lodziensis, since 1998, 560 choirs and vocal ensembles from Poland and abroad have performed in the LHC. To promote the choral arts as a form of performance, we organize concerts in the region with the participation of domestic and foreign choirs. Choirs from Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, England, the Czech Republic, Belarus, the USA, Indonesia, Northern Ireland and South Africa have taken part in them. Every year during the Festival there is also a seminar for conductors carried out by professors from the Academy of Music in Lodz, Bydgoszcz, Katowice, Szczecin. In organizing the Festival, we cooperate with representatives of the Lodz composing community, the Association of Polish Composers. We work together to promote the artistic achievements of Lodz artists. The Lodz Choir Festival has an Artistic Council consisting of musicians, educators and conductors, which is responsible for the overall shape of the event. Since the beginning of the year, we have been carrying out organizational activities with full commitment, preparing information and repertoire materials, establishing contacts with choirs, conductors and foreign guests. In terms of content, the festival is highly appreciated by specialists, musicians, choirmasters, teachers, who fully support its organization. This opinion is also expressed by representatives of the Polish Composers’ Union, conductors, professors of music academies in the country who cooperate with us to organise its successive editions. On the occasion of the 10th and 20th anniversary of the festival, CDs containing works by Lodz composers, awarded choirs and vocal ensembles as well as winners of the Grand Prix of Lodz Choral Festivals Cantio Lodziensis were released. This also includes compositions by Lodz artists, including A. Hundziak, B.K. Przybylski, Sł. Kaczorowski, K. Grzeszczak, K. Mroszczyk.