We have been creating in the knitting industry for years, so we know that to be successful you have to grow steadily. We have grown on the basis of the experience of Arys and Dzian-Druk – companies which are leaders in the knitting industry. We have collated our strongest elements and created a team of the best specialists in their respective fields. We continually set ourselves ambitious goals and raise the quality of our products.

As a leader in knitwear:

  • We respond dynamically to changes in the market so that we can anticipate our customers’ expectations.
  • We are constantly expanding our product range, improving quality and following global trends.
  • We subject all of our products to stringent quality verification.


We draw inspiration from the best sources

Our products are based on the latest fashion trends. We participate in world class fashion trade shows – Pitti Bimbo in Florence and Premiere Vision in Paris. We guarantee interesting and varied styles.

We take care of the whole production process

We take care of every stage of production, ensuring the highest production standards. Our many years of experience allow us to realize even the most elaborate projects.

We look for personalized solutions for you

We supply knitwear for individual orders. We can easily adapt our offer to your expectations.

We have unique designs

To do something right, you have to be 100% responsible for it. Following this principle, we have taken care to have a real impact on the overall production process. Our knitted fabrics are original designs which we produce using a proven production base.

We have:

  • Our own design team which creates original print collections based on the latest fashion trends and designs tailored to the individual needs of customers.
  • Finishing, dyeing, laboratory, and quality control departments which ensure that our knitwear is of the highest quality.
  • OEKO-TEX certified knitwear (the highest European quality standard).
  • We use the LYCRA trademark.



We create knitwear with passion and commitment