Kazimiera Balcerzak

Folk artistic paper-cutting

combines traditional form with design from various fields – she draws inspiration from art, including paintings with religious content, history, literature and also from nature. It was her mother and grandmother who taught her to make Christmas decorations, such as tissue paper flowers and spiders. Later she learnt Sieradz embroidery, and when she retired she learnt Sieradz paper-cutting – her favourite artistic discipline. The artist mainly makes Sieradz handicrafts, lalki, kozoki, multicoloured rózgi, mazury and mazury with tails. To create cut-outs, which are based on a previously prepared sketch, she has been taking part in folk fairs and workshops for 13 years. She is registered as a folk artist in the Association of Folk Artists in Lublin. She cooperates with the District Museum in Sieradz, Łódź Cultural Centre, National Museum of Agriculture and Agro-Food Industry in Szreniawa and Ethnographic Museum in Zielona Góra-Ochla.