„Not only the Sorrowful…” Images of Christ in contemporary folk art of the Lodz region 2020

The exhibition consisting of over a hundred works brings closer the issue of sacrum in Polish folk art.

The exhibition is devoted to the images of Christ in the contemporary folklore of Central Poland. The authors of the works are artists from the Lodz region – sculptors, painters, but also a cut-out artist. The works shown at the exhibition illustrate, in chronological order, the most important events in Christ’s life, from Birth and Childhood, through public activity, Passion and Resurrection, to Ascension. The exhibition also brings closer other images of the Son of God: from one of the oldest in Christian iconography – that is, the Good Shepherd – to newer ones, such as the Heart of Jesus and the image of the Merciful Jesus. The sculptures, paintings and cut-outs cover the period from the 1980s to the last months of 2019. In the folk tradition, the figure of Jesus Christ has been and still is surrounded by a special cult, hence so many artists dedicate their works to Him, in which we can see true beauty and originality, a large load of emotions and the personal attitude of the artists to the presented topics.