Can faith in God and jogging inspire one to start a business? Kasia – a happy mother of two, fulfilled wife – and Ania, brave mom of one little angel, met while making a jogging pilgrimage to Pompei, organized by the Catholic community known as “Strong in Holy Spirit”, operating in Jesuit church in Lodz.

The pilgrimage from Lodz to Pompei was a spell of 9 days and 9 nights. During that time a group of 21 intrepid joggers covered a distance of 2100 kilometers and delivered over 2000 intentions to the altar (or statue) of Our Lady of Pompei. But we also became very close friends and developed a very strong bond. Since the end of the pilgrimage, not a single day went by without a phone call or a meeting.

During every day meetings or when taking various initiatives, we profess our faith in God and His presence in ours lives. Now we would like to share our beliefs with others; share how we live our lives, what we do, how we run our company, and also what we wear.


We noticed, that there was no Catholic apparel on the market meeting our needs and expectations. What were we looking for? We wanted timeless, everyday garments, made of top quality materials, which could also be worn to work, or a business meeting.


That is when we decided to create our own line of Catholic clothing that would meet these criteria. When designing our clothing line we put every effort in making sure that they were classy, timeless and elegant, appropriate for workplace, business outings, as well as everyday use. We wanted our clients to feel stylish while professing their faith in God at the same time.


Our logo is our own design, created by a local artist from Lodz, Daniel,  also known as GOUDA, who became our close friend.


Starting a business seemed to be easy at first, but it proved to be much more challenging endeavour than expected. Luckily God watched over us and led us in our decisions and undertakings. He put on our path people who helped us and supported us with their talent, knowledge, skills and advice. We put our hearts in each and every project, and examined every detail. Our faith is our identity and our patriotism and that’s why we buy only the best quality materials and accessories from Polish vendors and producers, and our garments are sewn in Poland.


We try to run a business with our values: we do not take loans, we develop our brand from our own resources. We honestly pay taxes and try to pay our debts on time and pay tithing money once a month.


We think that every woman carry beauty and light inside. We want to make it shine. Mens cloathing is design to show that every man is a man destined to God’s image. A brave warrior who has to fight many battles every day.


The unique clothes with the GOD IS LOVE brand logo are perfect at work, as well as during free and active weekend. By wearing it, our Clients give a subtle testimony of Royal descent, because you are a child of God.


We design our product with LOVE to God and everyone who will wear out clothes. Every single product is made of the best fabrics from polish company. Every single step of production is made in Poland, mostly in our city – Lodz. We care about every detail, all products are packed in our boxes, in which a special blessing awaits the wearer. We want to give you the pleasure of discovering our refined details.


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