This is a project to remind us that animals were, are and will be around us. But there are fewer and fewer of them, more species are disappearing. Some of them our children will never see with their own eyes. Many animals live in captivity and will never see what the world looks like outside the cage. We breed them, breed them, exploit them to the max and then kill them. In turn, wild animals, by cutting forests for crops, we destroy the natural environment and thus take away the chances of survival. Therefore, it is necessary to consider what we can do to improve their fate and that as many of them as possible survive and live in worthy species. Let the animals of the future be happy, let them be free, let them live in decent conditions!


During Brussels Design September, as part of the Future Man exhibition, I will be painting Animals of the Future live, I invite all observers to join. Let’s paint the animals together, as we would like to see them in the future.


Zuza is an artist living in Łódź (Poland), she works with posters, illustrations and typography. She eagerly changes at the computer for murals and street art.


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(The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz)