Festival of Brass Bands of the Lodz Region – Golden Lyre

The Festival is organized by the Lodz House of Culture. The event is an open competition. It will be attended by amateur bands representing schools, cultural institutions and social organizations from the Lodz region. A significant group of performers will be young people. This is a valuable phenomenon, because group music-making is one of the most valuable forms of amateur music activities.

An important argument justifying the need to organize the bands’ competition is the need to make it possible to confront the artistic achievements of a large group of bands operating in our region, of which there are more than 130. Our intention and assumption in organizing the Festival is to promote the artistic achievements of the bands whose repertoire is extensive and includes both marching music, jazz, pop and classical music – reaching for the recognized classical music compositions. Among the composers whose works are arranged for the orchestral line-up are also the most outstanding Polish artists. The festival therefore plays an important educational role by popularising valuable works by national and foreign composers.

Warsztaty Orkiestr Dętych OSP

Cykliczne, co pół roku, spotkania orkiestr dętych z województwa łódzkiego OSP.