E( )MOTION – Emotional Objects, 2019 – DESCRIPTION

My emotional objects are a bartometer of needs and emotions of the young generation.

They are exploring knowledge about today’s young generation and the society in which I live, thats way give the real prognoz for the future needs of next generation.

They are to provoke conversations, evoke emotions and personal reflections. E( )MOTION objects are personal objects co-created by the user.

Is an artistic research project, work in process.

It is building your artistic form from your own physical achievements, such as: running, cycling, kayaking, doing yoga. It is a direct cooperation with people building their internal and external condition in a conscious way, thus creating their physicality and environment.

The basis of all emotional objects are laser cut runners’ runs. By using these graphic, flat signs, through their layering, I created spatial dynamic realizations. It is a series of open and closed compositions – specific emotional diaries of runners, actual co-creators of the collection of objects E( )MOTION. The essence of the composition is a way of transferring the fleeting impressions, experiences and emotions of a runner into a specific artistic form. And the possibility of manual transformation of forms allows their continuous metamorphosis and encourages haptic contact with objects.

Emotional objects is a game with our memory, emotions, needs, aspirations and dreams of creating the future. This is a picture of our culture now with a forecast of the direction of its path into the future.

Emotional objects are a picture of the complexity and duality of the generation now – it is the durability and impermanence of objects. Sustainability is the emotions contained in objects and volatility is the type of material used – the basis of implementation is paper. It is a volatile relationship of the generation – on the one hand, awareness of caring for the environment (paper and metal in the process of circular economy and closed circulation – processing and not generating waste) on the other, it is a need to leave something permanent (memory about yourself).

The resulting works are a picture of the need for agency, actions for people who are aware of a sense of their own limitations. Viewing these objects is an encouragement to see beauty in every action.

The needs of the generation selected in the project and contained in the objects are: – the need to experience over the need for possession

– the need to share emotions and experiences

– the need for bonds, relationships and integration

– the need to act in the spirit of one idea without any divisions: in the fields of life and creativity.

(The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz)