Design the ecological fixtures with the ability to produce better quality crops.


We manage to achieve the satisfaction of plants thanks to an individual approach. Each producer of greenhouse plants can have a different parameter as a goal.  It is possible to develop a significant number of light spectra that perfectly match the needs of our customers’ plants. We are conducting extensive research at the Bilberry R&D center and in cooperation with plant producers (including JMP Flowers) and research institutes (including University of Cambridge)

Ecological approach means zero-costs modernization!


We are Bilberry, the company based in Lodz which as a first designed the ecological LED (Light Emitting Diode) fixtures with the ability to produce better quality crops!

How we have done it?

  • We clearly set our goals- FULL SATISFACTION OF YOUR PLANT
  • We complete highly educated team of biotechnologist, designers or electronics engineers with extensive knowledge and experience
  • We started research which is our priority


What is the research about?

Before we sell the product, we want to be 200% sure that your plants will be satisfied. Plant as a living organism needs light in order to develop. The light for a crop is the same as food for humans- it will die without it. As a scientific team we want to provide the best quality “food” for your plants because even the small mistake in designing the light spectra for your crops can destroy your production.

Each producers can have different parameters as a goal. One will be eager to grow the plants as fast as possible, another focus on the quality while the third one would like to have both. In order to achieve all of these needs, we DESIGN a number of light spectra based on our knowledge, scientific publications and many years of experience.

Next, it is time for detailed research. We conduct number of tests in our Bilberry R&D center on variety of plants (depending on producer) but not only! We cooperate with several research institutes all around the world (e.g. Univeristy of Cambrige or Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg) and biggest plants producers (e.g. JMP Flowers).

Each year we are able to test more than 60 light spectra what gives us a wide database.


Is sunlight not enough in greenhouse production?

Of course it is, if you want to produce only for ¼ of the year. Supplementary lighting gives you the chance to work all year and to earn much more money. More and more producers decide to supplement their greenhouses with light and even more of them, choose LED lighting. The ecological awareness increases. LED lighting saves 40% of energy and fixtures are more resistant. Traditionally used HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps needs to be change every 6 years and consumes huge amounts of energy. By modernizing 1 ha of greenhouses, we annually save energy, which could supply over 2,000 households.


  • Let us contribute to the a Green New Deal and at the same time making your plants even happier and healthier!


  • Let us design a new, more eco-friendly world!


  • Believe us, it is possible. We have already done it!