A CUT-OUT is a collection of lamps made from metal openwork and based on a wooden plinth. It is inspired by a visit to the Quai Branly Museum in Paris. Green facade covered with plants hides a collection of amazing art from Asia, Oceania and both Americas. Working with elusive emotions and vague signs taken from art pieces she had seen in this museum, Alicja Galewska painted her own pattern and transferred it into three-dimensional lighting objects. Paper-cut is also a popular decorative motif in folk art in Poland. In Alicja’s design metal cut-out got simplified, pure look and was turned into a lantern. Lighting objects from this collection are available in three sizes. One of them can also be used as a seat.

Materials: a black painted metal frame with powder coating, led panel, oakwood
– cut-out light box 38×32,5×32,5 cm,
– cut-out light seat 50x50x50 cm,
– cut-out light tower 168x22x22 cm
Design: Alicja Galewska

Cut-out Mirror is a decorative object made with a careful and harmonious connection between wood, metal, and mirror. Metal openwork, while crop oakwood frame, simultaneously creates unusual surroundings for the mirror. The unique pattern of metal makes this mirror very original.

Materials: a black painted metal frame with powder coating, mirror, oak wood
Dimension: 55x55x4 cm
Design: Alicja Galewska
Collection: Cut-out


Glass Slab offers many arrangement options. We provide modern technology of imprinting on glass included every pattern that you imagine. To make our product unique we cooperate with designers. Imprint on a glass slab is made by a direct application of the pattern on a flat glass surface using a special large format printer. There is also a possibility to prepare laminated glass slabs.

Materials: laminated glass slab or UV-coated glass, selected pattern
Dimenson: different formats available
Producer: Skalar

Lodzkie House  https://bruksela.lodzkie.pl/