Cultivation of traditions and dissemination of cultural heritage

Cultivating the memory of Marshal Józef Piłsudski through cultural events (joint singing of patriotic songs, exhibitions, meetings, competitions, film screenings) carried out together with associations; Social Committee of Marshal Józef Piłsudski in Lodz, Association of Polish Legionaries and Their Families, „Strzelec” Society, Association of Polish Piłsudski Adherents.

Designing leisure time by satisfying various interests of residents – participants of meetings of associations and clubs of interest;

Association of Polish Wildlife Photographers Lodz District

Genealogical Society of Central Poland

Travelers’ Club

Polish Tatra Society Lodz Branch

Beskid guides’ circle

Travelers’ Club

Star Wars Fan Club in Lodz

Amateur Artists Association and Club

Czesław Danowski Circle of the Polish Philatelic Association Lodz – City

Polish Cactus Lovers Association Lodz Branch

Lodz Association of Aquarists and Terrarium Breeders

Association of Canary and Ornamental Bird Breeders in Lodz