The ‘Colour Vision of the Future’ project relates to human – animal relations.

Under the influence of documentaries showing destructive impact people have on Earth’s biodiversity and through my interest in ethology, I gained more awareness about the place we put animals in. I felt that humans should finally abandon anthropocentric approach and see that Earth
is not only our home.

Textiles are something that accompanies us everywhere. They often create our comfort zones.
So I decided to combine ‘comfort’ aspect of textiles with a pro-biodiversity statement: Be aware of the fact that you are only one of many equally important links that build our natural environment.

Following this statement,  I prepared the collection of projects dedicated to jacquard textiles for office spaces where human – centred design is still a very common approach. I wanted to increase the sensitivity of corporations’ employees to the hazards posed by anthropocentric thinking to the entire natural environment. To achieve my aim I used specific colour palettes in my projects.
All of them are inspired by different ways in which every living creature sees. I am explaining more about the whole idea in my video. Enjoy

Anna Grabowska

(The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz)