Bridges. The porcelain library is a tribute to the masters of Polish culture. The project is a kind of confession of faith in culture as a common work of successive generations and a bridge „between old and new times”. The word „bridge” appears many times in the rich and varied works of Professor Andrzej Marian Bartczak, the author of the installation. This versatile artist, who practises graphics, painting, artistic fabric, creates collages and spatial objects, treats the word in a special way. On the one hand, he uses it as an artistic element of his compositions, while on the other, as a man shaped by the tradition of the book. He creates on the borderline of visual arts and literature. Andrzej Marian Bartczak devoted a series of porcelain tiles to the artists he valued: Julian Tuwim, Zbigniew Herbert, Władysław Strzemiński, Stanisław Fijałkowski, Leszek Rózga. The Bridges exhibition will be presented as part of the newly created Passage of Culture of the Lodz region (in LHC).

[project under preparation, implementation: second half of 2020]