Bondi creates new bonds. The Bondi collection was created with a view to flexible arrangement of space. 

Bondi multi-bench was created to arrange space according to individual needs and preferences. It works as a great puzzle:by using base elements you can create circles, lines and irregular shapes. Bondi multi-bench offers many arrangements and utility options, allowing for flexible and creative use of space.By using the same-sized pieces (the second “puzzle” is a mirror reflection of the first one) you create various shapes of the bench; you can also match few pieces together to create a wooden circle. Bondi multi-bench offers many arrangements and utility options. It can be easily divided into pieces and then put together, serving as a great solution enhancing (and easing) teamwork. By using our multi-bench you can separate and unite space around you. Bondi bench is about creating new bonds.

Materials: oak wood, black painted metal with powder coating
One piece dimension: 63 x 40 x 40 x 46,2 cm
Design: Alicja Galewska

Bondi table is a combination of three different materials: natural wood, hard metal, and transparent glass. Such connection creates an unusual and functional shape. Solid construction made by timber and metal was drawn back to enable comfortable sitting.Apart from functional reason, Bondi table tells the story of relations between people. Sometimes there is a need to keep one person at bay — just like the connection between glass and metal through industrial-looking screws. On the other hand, humans need to hug each other – it is a perfect match; as the connection between the timber and metal. First and foremost, Bondi table is a modern looking piece of furniture made with great precision.

CRAFTSMAN & MATERIALS: We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials. Close cooperation between the best craftsmen and the designer ensures the highest quality of workmanship.

Materials: oak wood, black painted metal with powder coating, glass
Dimension: 160x80x75 cm
Glass thickness: 10 mm

Design: Alicja Galewska

Alicja Galewska interior architect, designer has run her own company Wnętrza since 1997. Active for over 20 years, she designs private and public interiors, as well as furniture and lamps. So far, objects have been created on individual order in single copies. This year for the first time the designer has prepared her own collection.

The design collection was created in cooperation between two companies: Interiors and Skalar.


Collection: Bondi

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