Eco-friendly composites based on biodegradable polymers, as well as protein and cellulose derivatives with the addition of stabilizers and dyes of natural origin. The materials are characterized by reduced flammability and optimal mechanical strength.

The benefits of bio-inspired materials over commercial plastics

Environmentally friendly double-green composites, completely made of natural and degradable ingredients. The addition of plant antioxidants allows to control the degradation time of the composites, and pro-ecological stabilizers ensure materials non-flammability. There are no such comprehensive polymer materials on the market today.

We deliver green solutions

Our materials have many potential applications:

  • single-use materials, packaging, films and materials for coating applications,
  • packaging material of an increased degradation potential,
  • light and durable elements in sports equipment,
  • fillings and small items in the furniture industry,
  • interior components, covers and insulation in the automotive industry,
  • aviation industry – interior components, connectors, insulations,
  • construction and architecture – insulation materials, fillings,
  • army – durable fibre reinforced sheath materials.