The combination of an attractive appearance with an uncompromising approach to the scope of functionality was a big challenge for us. When designing, we’ve done our best to make sure that specific business benefits were captured in an eye-catching form. Industrial design in the field of autonomous forklifts is extremely repetitive and most often means simply a curved shape connected to a single mast. We chose a different direction and prepared an original frame in the shape of an aerodynamic spoiler. It gives the whole structure lightness, which is not a common sight in the construction machinery industry. In addition, it facilitates the arrangement of the navigation elements and the control screen in an optimal way.

AGV forklifts from Inovatica AGV are an innovative combination of unique software with proven equipment of the best brands. Our products have been designed based on real business needs, such as: cost optimization, increased work efficiency, readiness to perform tasks 24/7, scalability, great availability level (SLA), and high workplace safety. These elements bring added value to the company and additionally have an impact on significant savings. Our solution applies to both new trucks and retro-fitting used machines.

Inovatica AGV is a Polish company engaged in the implementation and development of Autonomous Forklift Technology. We belong to the Inovatica capital group, which implements research and development projects in the area of ​​mapping, navigation, and geolocation solutions. It took the company 3 years to develop AGV technology for forklifts, and the finished product is already being implemented commercially. Importantly, work is still underway on the development of its subsequent versions, which are carried out as part of a multidisciplinary team of engineers: programmers, electronics, automation, and mechanics


The source of our success:
  • teamwork skills,
  • focus on goals,
  • seeking innovation,
  • submitting your own ideas.
  • Creating a friendly atmosphere for constant change.


TOP 5 advantages of Inovatica AGV forklifts:

  1. Autonomous and manual operation mode

The vehicle carries out self-programmed tasks but can be switched to personal operator service at any time.

  1. Laser navigation technology (LGV)

The best solution for internal navigation, which does not require additional investment, e.g. in reflective markers. In addition, it is resistant to natural disturbances such as a dirty floor.

  1. Precision of action

Our forklifts precisely perform key tasks, even when the pallets are not perfectly positioned.

  1. Agile and efficient process configuration

AGV fleet management is convenient, flexible, and allows, for example, easy modification of planned communication paths of vehicle movement, as well as the entire process by the operator using a user interface installed on the forklift.

  1. Big savings

We planned the system so that the entrepreneur would save in many fields, e.g. by reducing employment costs, no expenses for the additional marking of communication paths and pallets, as well as software limiting the time needed to design and define processes to a minimum.

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