A Very Young Culture

In 2019, the Lodz House of Culture became the regional operator of the nationwide programme A Very Young Culture 2019-2021, run by the National Centre for Culture. Thus, the LHC has an important role to play by conducting activities aimed at strengthening the role of cultural education and bringing the education and culture sector closer together.

A Very Young Culture 2019-2021 is a multiannual programme implemented throughout Poland by 16 entities (one from each province).

The main objectives of the programme are

  • strengthening cultural education by eliminating barriers between education and culture,
  • developing cooperation networks of institutions, organisations and individuals involved in cultural animation and education,
  • building the basis for integrated animation and cultural education activities at local and national level,
  • Strengthening professional competences of people involved in animation and cultural education in Poland,
  • designing activities involving children and young people and implementing projects involving them

A Very Young Culture programme fits perfectly into the strategic direction taken by the Lodz House of Culture – undertaking actions for the development of culture in the Lodz region and supporting the process of integration of the cultural sector in the region.

Participation in A Very Young Culture gives people of culture and education an opportunity for development, education and integration. The role of the regional operator of the measure is to conduct extensive research, networking and information activities, and to coordinate activities in the field of cultural education.

In the years 2019-2021, the Lodz House of Culture will be involved in the organisation of cultural and educational events (networking, training and workshop meetings, conferences) and the development of a network of entities (cultural institutions, schools, libraries, NGOs).