Archizo is a well-known Łodz brand, creator of the highly innovative architectural building blocks of the same name.

The ARCHIZO puzzle is an innovative, exclusive urban smart gadget, presenting architecture in the form of modern, colored plexiglass or wood blocks.

When assembled, ARCHIZO creates an aesthetically-pleasing and elegant decoration, which can be admired but also explored and experienced through touch. The precision-rendered details with engraved and cut lines will take you on a personal architectural journey.

Archizo included an instructional booklet that will guide and familiarize with the names and functions of individual architectural elements comprising this extraordinary structure.

Assembled, the ARCHIZO set becomes an aesthetically pleasing, elegant decorative object, ideal not just for viewing, but also for tactile experience. The puzzle is a perfect representation of the actual building.

Archizo was designed:

For you – your living room, office or workshop.

For your family – as a unique, outside-the-box, and educational gift.

For your company – as an original business smart gadget.

Archizo designed the official gadget of the city of Łódź and the University of Łódź.

The project aimed to precisely reconstruct the facade of the buildings in the Archizo blpcks system.

Archizo was created by Marta Nowacka – art historian, historic preservation officer, pedagogue and cultural manager. The project is also co-created by Łukasz Orzechowski – a computer graphic designer, copywriter and marketer.

In 2018 Archizo won the “Points for Łódź” Award for the best architectural teaching aid in the world. Two years later was awarded Bronze Prize in product design in competition Design that Educates Awards 2020 and received a distinction in the competition Must Have  organized by the Lodz Design Festival.